Hoops Monarchy: King James Iconic Basketball Portrait Wall Tapestry - A Courtly Tribute

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Size: 34" × 40"

Elevate your space with the grandeur of the "Hoops Monarchy: King James Iconic Basketball Portrait Wall Tapestry." This exquisite piece transforms any room into a hall of fame, showcasing a captivating painting portrait of the basketball legend, King James. Perfect for fans, athletes, and art lovers alike, this tapestry pays homage to the enduring spirit and monumental achievements of one of the game's greatest icons.

Why It's a Slam Dunk for Your Decor:


Artistic Excellence: Featuring a stunningly detailed portrait, this tapestry brings the essence of King James's legacy to life, blending artistry with the heart of basketball culture.

Versatile Display: Designed to complement any room — be it a living room, bedroom, or sports den — this tapestry serves as a bold statement piece or a subtle nod to your sports passion.

Quality Craftsmanship: Made with durable, high-quality fabric, it ensures that the legacy of King James remains as timeless as the tapestry itself, with colors that stay vibrant over time.

Easy Setup: Equipped with easy-to-hang features, transforming your space into a basketball sanctuary is as simple as it gets. No complicated mounting required.

Celebrate Greatness in Every Thread:

The "Hoops Monarchy" tapestry is more than just decor; it's an inspiration, a conversation starter, and a testament to the greatness that is King James. Let every glance at this masterpiece remind you of the passion, dedication, and excellence that define the world of basketball.

.: 100% polyester microfiber
.: Multiple sizes (34''x40'', 50''x60'', 57''x57'', 80''x68'', 88''x104'')
.: Edge-to-edge print
.: Hems on all sides

  34" × 40"
Width , in 34.00
Length, in 40.00