Bring Home the Laughs with 'On-Court Tussle' Profession Basketball Choke-Hold Funny Teddy Bear - Stylish Little Tee Wearing Teddy

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Shape: Teddy Bear
Color: White
Size: One size

Get ready to add a touch of humor to your collection with our "On-Court Tussle" Draymond Green Choke-Hold Funny Teddy Bear. This hilarious plush bear is dressed to impress in a stylish T-shirt, making it a unique and amusing addition to your teddy bear family.

A Laugh-Out-Loud Gift:

If you're a basketball fan with a sense of humor, this bear is for you! It playfully captures the infamous on-court moment featuring Draymond Green and adds a lighthearted twist to your teddy bear collection.

Premium Quality Plush:

Crafted with soft and cuddly plush material, this bear is perfect for snuggling and sharing laughs. Its hilarious pose and expression are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Stylish and Customizable Tee:

The bear's T-shirt is not only stylish but also customizable. You can add your own message, funny quote, or even a personal joke to make this bear truly one-of-a-kind.

Collector's Delight:

For basketball enthusiasts and collectors of unique memorabilia, the "On-Court Tussle" Teddy Bear is a must-have. It's a conversation starter and a delightful addition to your sports-themed decor.

Bear Details:

Size: [Specify the size, e.g., 12 inches]

Material: High-quality plush

T-Shirt: Customizable with your message or quote

Perfect for Gifting:

Whether you're surprising a fellow fan, commemorating a memorable game, or simply want a good laugh, this Teddy Bear is a fantastic gift choice that combines sports and humor.

Capture the Moment:

Relive the iconic on-court moment in a playful and light-hearted way. It's a humorous tribute to basketball's unforgettable moments.

Limited Edition Fun:

Don't miss out on the limited edition "On-Court Tussle" Teddy Bear. It's a unique piece that celebrates the lighter side of sports.

Add some laughter to your life with the "On-Court Tussle" Draymond Green Choke-Hold Funny Teddy Bear. Order yours today and let the hilarity begin!

  Teddy Bear
Width, in 7.01
Height, in 10.00